Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ok. So the first swim meet of the season was Monday and by the time we returned home, I was ready to cash it in. But I fully intended to blog about it yesterday. Until we were hit with this:

Photo credit to Terry Aldhizer. I was cowering at home in the dark.

Shortly thereafter, it was lights out and our power didn't return until this morning. 

But back to the swim meet.

Rain and all manner of nastiness were in the forecast as we drove out to Stonegate, all the way across town. My normal role of photographer was cut short when the rains came. Sadly, all I captured were a few warm up shots.

All the boys in their "tiny suits."

The Margarets

Then the rain began. Seeing as there was no thunder or lightening, the swimming carried on. 

It was 25 Back and Free for both kids. In the backstroke, Eion was almost all the way down the lane. Almost. And then he decided to stop, hang on to the side of the pool, and begin again. DQ. Maggie was motoring right along when her hand touched the side and she was thisclose to being disqualified. When the scores went up, she was in a good news/bad news situation. She chose to hear the good news first - a gold time. Baffled, she wondered what could possibly be the bad news. That was an 8th place gold time, rendering her ribbonless. She took the news well.

With more and more rain, it was on to freestyle. Eion looked great. Rather than resembling drowning, he genuinely looked as though he were swimming. He cut 18 seconds from his time but that still left him in 14th place in the bronze category. He was not amused. Maggie had a good swim and was 5th place silver.

Then the weather turned very nasty and a thunder delay was called. We were saved by Fiona, who, knowing we were done swimming, offered to take over our position as timer. We hightailed it out of there. A bottle of something yummy may be in order.

Soooo, imagine my surprise when we rolled up to the Club today and looked at the result sheets to find that, in spite of totally DQing, Eion somehow came in 4th bronze for the backstroke. I was in a quandary. I know this is a mistake but hate that with all his improvement, he essentially had nothing to show for it. I decided to let this one go and let him get his first "real" (sorta - shh, don't tell) ribbon. 

He is over the moon about it. 

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  1. That is one HECK of a storm photo! We missed all the excitement... I love me a good storm.