Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Takes Flight

Whew. After a full 7 1/2 hour day at the Club, I am finally home, minus two girls and plus one boy. Maggie and Morrigan arranged a sleepover at friend Margaret's house. I felt it was only fair and friendship prolonging that I offer to take Margaret's brother, Ned. When we arrived home, Ned exclaimed with glee, "You have guns AND a bow and arrow!" [BB gun - just to clarify.] To my delight, I was able to convince them that we didn't need to have target practice tonight but instead they should play some Wii. Which leaves me to update my blog that was last published in the time before the written word it seems.

Most notably at our house was the much ballyhooed End of School which coincided with 5th grade promotion. We've already covered my feelings on said promotion ceremony, but I was not planning on missing it. My children have enough to tell their therapist some day. I was not going to add June 5, 2012 to the roster of complaints.

Ahhh! When did Maggie get big enough to (literally) wear my shoes?

In spite of its unnecessary nature, the gathering was cute and Morrigan seemed proud, if a bit too grown up for my tastes.

The she is, sporting the medallion destined for a landfill.

How sweet. She is still willing to be seen with me, 
something I am sure will change in short order.

The reception following was short but long enough for Eion to score two pieces of cake. Woohoo!

That smile has the power of two pieces of cake 
and a lemonade behind it. Watch out.

Morrigan's day was short, ending at around 10am (yet still counting as day 180, natch) but Maggie stayed at school since she was going to Megan's house on the bus. After the success of the water balloon fight last year, we figured we would ambush the girls this year with water guns and then all manner of wet fun would ensue, cementing us as The Coolest Moms Ever. 


Maggie could completely flip out and lose it upon being sprayed.

The plan goes

So much for June 5th lacking therapist fodder. 

Everyone else had a ball.

And sweet Maggie, the mostly sunny, did rally in short order for her playdate.

I stuck around and talked with Amy (read: prevented her from accomplishing anything) instead of being productive. Later, the girls came a-asking about some promised independence. They wanted to walk the 5-ish blocks to 7-11 and get slurpees. Being the free rangers we are, within minutes, Maggie & Megan were off, armed with $5 each and in charge of their younger siblings. They were out of sight before we realized that we hadn't armed them with a cell phone.

You know what happened? 

They had a blast and arrived safely home, slurpees in hand. We took a small amount of textual heat from Hans who sent us this:

asking where the hell these children's parents were. They were home, thinking about how great summer is going to be.

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  1. Great pics!

    For clarification, I don't consider it a cellphone a necessary free-range accessory. :)