Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About That Storm...

You may have heard about the storm, nay derecho, that hit a few weeks back, leaving seemingly the entirety of southwest Virginia powerless for, in some cases, up to nine days.

Thar she blows!

Ummm, us? Notsomuch. 

Friday night, the storm was blowing fiercely and the power was blinking. We went to bed armed with flashlights, sure we would soon have no electricity. But we awoke to a cool, air conditioned house. All the clocks were blinking but we had power. 

Seeing as we are generally the first to lose power, we figured that if we had it, everyone must. Our internet was out so we couldn't be sure but set out in high spirits for the gym only to find our street resembled a complete war zone and our exit was blocked by a downed tree. 

A few texts and we quickly discovered how widespread the damage and suffering (in the 100+ degree heat) was. We immediately recognized that we were living under a special star and set out to protect our status by putting some positive karma out there in the world. Ann, Hans and the boys didn't need to be asked twice and promptly moved in. 

What ensued over the next few days was akin to a big sleepover. We had limited cell service and no internet so we were kind of closed off from the world. We watched movies, played Just Dance (3!,) cooked and at one point, had a full on sing along to Call Me Maybe and That's What Makes You Beautiful

It was a blast.

The downside was the guilt. As SoRo sweltered, we were having a party with some of our best friends. We felt compelled to do more for the less fortunate, in this case, Casa Fraught. They were in Ohio as the contents of their chest freezer, including but not limited to a quarter cow, threatened to defrost. Tim and I moved as much as would fit in our basement freezer, praying that our good deeds would be enough to keep our power on. (They were.)

As the valley regained power, it was time for us to go to the beach. More on that later.

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  1. sounds like fun! we were happy to have had a trip planned that week. and I was secretly happy out 1998 Subaru bit the dust after a tree fell on it.