Friday, July 20, 2012

Beach Week

We've been home for about a week and I am just now feeling caught up around here. We spent a week in Garden City Beach, South Carolina with Tim's family. Let me tell you, it flew by! While we were there, Nancy & Doug celebrated their 50th Anniversary and we celebrated our, significantly less impressive, 17th.

When we arrived, we were told our place was not ready. Seeing as we are that kind of people, we drove to it anyway and figured that didn't mean we couldn't start enjoying the pool. It was a smart move. Next year we just need to make sure we pack some cold beers for then too.

Eion was all about the hot tub. Everyone else kind of ignored it at first, thinking it was silly to go in hot water when it was 90 degrees out. But the E was persistent and wore us down until we let him go in. And then persisted until we joined him.

To tell you the truth, it was kind of nice. We all ended up spending a fair bit of time in there at the end of the day, all thanks to E.

Being the team photographer, I routinely subjected the family to group pictures. Somehow, that evolved into group pictures, 

and then the foot races!

Had I not run in such a serpentine fashion, 
I would have had her!

While it went by too fast, it was fun fun fun! So much so that everyone is signed on for next year already!

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