Friday, July 20, 2012


We noticed Morrigan was squinting earlier this year and made her an appointment with the Opthamologist. It was several months out but since she was insisting that she would NEVER wear glasses, we didn't think there was a huge hurry.

We were wrong.

Turns out she is -1.25 in one eye and -5.5 (!) in the other. And the worse eye has been wandering. The delivery of that kind of news makes you feel very, very bad about not going to the eye doc last year. So we are patching, fortunately only at home, and getting new glasses, which was an odyssey itself.

While we were checking out at the doc's, Tim let Morrigan go into the optical shop adjacent to the waiting room. She found a pair she loved but it was late in the day and I was not about to get them there and then have to drive all the way across town to Salem to pick them up. Surely Lenscrafters would hook us up.

So during swim team, we set out to the mall where Morrigan spent an hour trying on frames, sobbing, about how awful they were and how terrible she looked. Finally, we just ejected, seeing as nothing was going to get accomplished there.

It seemed only logical that the Vistar location near our house, part of the same group as the one in Salem, would have the same frames, right? Wrong. After pawning my other charges off on Fiona, we found out that no, they ordered independently for what suited their clients. And what didn't suit their clients near us were the coveted pink frames.

Morrigan mopingly said she would take the least offensive pair from Lenscrafters.

Well damn it all to hell anyway. We lit off for Salem.

[As an editorial note here, I would like to add how I most definitely did not lose my cool during this entire transaction though lord knows it would have been deserved.]

Twenty minutes later (that is all the way across town around here,) we arrived at our original starting point where Morrigan walked in, looked at the displays and said, "Hmm, I'm not sure which one it was I liked."

You've got to be mother fraking kidding me.

But just when it seemed I may indeed lose stuff entirely, we found a pair.

All smiles! In real life they are pinker than the picture.

Now I just have to drive all the way across town to pick them up next week.

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