Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terrorism, Spells, Phones and Epic Swim Meets

You know, if I can only get in here twice a month I may just have to give it up. It may come to that but for today, I'm still in a chatty mood. As for the 11 day absence...

Morrigan spent last week at Middle School Madness camps: The History of Modern Warfare and Crazy Chemistry. Our friend Jerry pointed out that with choices like these, it seemed we were breeding a future terrorist. Seeing as the most dangerous thing she created was a marshmallow gun, I think we're safe. But she did have an absolute blast. It really gave us hope that she will enjoy the "indoor sports" in middle school like yearbook and debate. Lord knows those were the things at which I excelled.

Maggie went to the City County swim meet last weekend.

That place is like a darn refugee camp.

So the way these things are scored is thus: there are three time standards; gold, silver and bronze. For each category, the top 20 swimmers are awarded points. It is quite possible to swim the best race of your life and get a 21st place gold, which garners nary a point or ribbon, while 40 people slower than you can get both. As the weekend commenced, I realized that Maggie had times that put her in danger of doing that for each and every one of her races. 


But in a good news/bad news kind of way, she was slower than her seed time in almost all her races, which garnered her not one, but two silver level medals and a pile of points. Rather than feel conflicted about the mixed message, I decided to just feel happy for her.

She said it was the best swim meet ever. Really, her favorite part was cheering for her bestie, Margaret.

She delighted in taking her a towel after her races and after the dreaded 100 Free, a package of M&Ms. It just can't get much sweeter than that.

That afternoon there was no rest as we had to get packed for Harry Potter camp, which both the girls were attending the following day (and week.)

Drop off was seamless as they were both plenty ready to leave us for a week of geeky fun.

Oh I forgot the phone part! Morrigan has been begging for ages for a phone. We told her when  she saved up enough for the phone, was able to make the monthly payment ($10 for the extra line on our account,) and had a six month emergency fund ($60,) she could get a cell phone. She diligently saved her babysitting money and hit the mark last week. She is the proud owner of her own, slightly low end, cellphone. We switched, at the advice of the AT&T salesman to an unlimited text plan. It turned out to be an excellent idea considering that on the way home from the store, she texted Tim and me several times each to tell us how much she loved us. 


  1. Please don't stop blogging! Your commentary about your kids is hilarious and I love your conservative POV.

    1. No worries! I need the outlet too much to give it up. Glad you enjoy the blog.