Friday, August 24, 2012

And The First Week Was, Well, At Least It Is Over

Let's see...Eion's first week back included an attempted over-the-fence escape during recess, a run-in with the Art teacher culminating in a defiant trashing of his own project for the day, and tears each and every single day, mostly about how he needs to be, belongs in and HAS TO GO to second grade.

Saving the very best for last (really though, they are all doozies, picking a winner seems unfair,) Eion completely lost it when he found there was no bacon in his lunch and refused to eat the peanut butter sandwich that replaced it. Sobbing and a meltdown so complete that it required his teacher to be called to the cafeteria to escort E to the guidance office followed his discovery.

As Ms. Witten, who I am beginning to believe is a saint, relayed this story to me, I asked why on earth he didn't just get something from the cafeteria. Dude, they sell chocolate milk. There had to be something he liked. Ah, but see when he was pulled out last year, I had his funds transferred to his sisters and had neglected to replenish them upon his return.


Adding to the peanut butter tragedy was the zero balance which meant he also could not get a Friday ice cream.

The day did not go well. The week did not go well. Personally, I was beginning to think the two hours I spent this morning making photocopies for Eion's teacher were a wise investment.

To top it all off, after we arrived at the car, having walked through the pouring rain, Eion took out the sandwich and ate it, all the while telling me how very tasty it was.

I'll take that martini in a size large, no olives please.

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  1. heavens! i hope you had 2 martinis. what on earth kind of advice did the guidance counselor give to a child facing a bacon-less day of existence?