Friday, August 17, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

Well Morrigan came home from her orientation happy. No complaints about the walk and significant excitement about her classes. "Mom," she told me, "I think all the worry about middle school is overblown." We'll revisit how she feels when she sees her first fight and if history is any indicator, there will be a fight.

But for today, she was all about her classes, though slightly disappointed there was no Chemistry this year.

After she returned home, it was off to the other two schools for their orientations. Seeing as the younglings of Casa Fraught are both in Eion & Maggie's classes, we decided to do it as a team with a stop at Chillypop after for a treat.

First up, E & K!

Eion took his 1st grade redux pretty well. I'm sure we'll have some challenging days but we're off to a good start. His teach, who I love, has special plans for him to best position him for success.

Next up, M & M.

They are excited to be in the same homeroom this year and took the ill advised maneuver of sitting next to each other. Seriously, it won't last.

It was smiles all around and some top notch frozen custard! 

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  1. ChillyPop is definitely my new favorite place to indulge!

    And to look at those children, you'd just never know how difficult their parents are. ;)