Monday, August 27, 2012

Simply Perfect Party

My approach to Morrigan's birthday party this year was decidedly half-assed. As she's getting older, big parties with all the trappings (pinata, clown etc.) seem silly and unnecessary. My enthusiasm was further dampened by timing as well with the start of school, and the chaos of three kids at three schools, the week before her birthday. But it seemed important to her and we compromised on a small pool party. 

Before long the  guest list had grown by a factor of over 100% but we had settled on a date. Seeing as she felt strongly about having the party, I figured she could make the invitations, which she did without complaint. Beyond that, my entire preparation was buying some float rings and picking up some cupcakes. (Y'all already know about my anti-goody bag stance.)

It was an effort level so low, one would almost dare call it lazy. And with said input, the possibility for a disastrous outcome was looming.

So along comes Sunday. The conditions were critical as I had no Plan B for inclement weather. The day had been kinda warm and grey but fell into the acceptable range. We arrived a little early to set up [read: put the cupcakes on a table] and within a few minutes of our arrival, everything turned beautiful.

The sun came out, the temperature went up to about 82 degrees, and just as a bonus, everyone else left for the day, giving our party run of the pool! [Not that we had to have it all to ourselves but it did kind of give it a private party feel.]

That's eleven candles, sniff sniff.

The kids swam and played and it all went as smoothly as you could possibly hope. By the end, parents had to drag their kids out since none of them wanted to leave. 

Good news: things couldn't have gone better.

Bad news: this can't be good for my lazy streak.

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