Friday, September 14, 2012

Come Sail Away

The kids have a Christmas break that goes from here to about forever this year. Normally, with Tim either working Christmas or New Year's Eve, there really isn't enough time to go out of town without missing school. And really, by the end of break, we are ready for them to be back in school. But seeing as they are going back so late, we thought we might just be able to get in a family adventure.

In a fit of rash and very un-McK like behavior, we booked a seven day Caribbean cruise!

Even looks like she's smiling at us!

The kids are beside themselves. They can't wait to go to three, count 'em three, foreign countries. The snorkeling! The Mayan ruins! The all you can eat sundae buffet. 

Now the adults around here are certainly looking forward to the cruise BUT have our expectations firmly set in an attainable region. Our accommodations, for example, could best be described as "steerage." Were this the Titanic, we'd be going down for sure. And as one generally unimpressed with food at restaurants, I am expecting it to be like a week at Applebees. 

That being said, going in with low expectations means they will be easy to meet and surpass! What I do expect is to enjoy some nice sunny days and have fun with the kids. Even if we are in steerage. With the public.

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  1. Fun! I have never cruised. I hope you don't end up in the life boats with Tim on deck listening to the band play on. When I realized the break was so long we quickly planned a trip to Arizona: Phoenix and the Grand Canyon and 2 nights with the weird grandparents. Rob booked us a hotel so we don't have to overnight with them, just the kids do.