Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everything and Nothing

Well look at that! In spite of many repeated efforts to blog with even some degree of a schedule, when I  checked out the last post date, it was nine days ago. So we'll breeze through giving you a little bit of everything in the past few weeks and nothing too deep....

The Boy

This one is a direct cause of reduced blogging. We recently purchased him the game Minecraft, which he had been enjoying on the iPad, for the computer. Thus I have found myself with greatly reduced computing time. When I do kick the children off, I find I have lurkers behind me, wondering when I will be done and then waiting for that time to occur. We're going to have to do something about this.

E is doing ok at school. The good and bad days are about even but he remains a fairly disruptive force in the 1st grade universe. They were conducting some standardized tests during which Eion couldn't keep his yap shut. I told him that if he was done, he should get a book and quietly read. "Oh, I'm not done," he let me know, which seemed a pretty obvious reason that he really should be quiet. It seems the ADD is not improving and he may soon be drugged. More to come in a week or so.

The Middle Schooler

The transition to middle school, thus far, could not be smoother. Morrigan seems to have adapted to the class structure nicely. Another Mom, seeing as Morrigan didn't bother to tell me, let me know she had scored the highest on some test. The classwork has troubled her not at all. Socially, there have been no tales of woe and she is playing tennis everyday with the school's tennis team. She's happy and positive all the time. I'll just hold me breath and hope it continues.


Check out that City-County swim meet bling!

Same old, same old dog. Fourth grade is going swimmingly and she is all smiles.

The Activity Schedule

We are in year two of the Self Directed Activities model. And let me tell you that there has been some drop off. Morrigan is playing tennis, which is Monday through Thursday, but has dropped all else, including piano. That one hurt but even through my veil of denial I could see it wasn't making her happy. Maggie is, of course, the one with the busiest schedule. She (and Eion) dropped Tae Kwon Do but she is still playing flute and piano. She wants to set up some swimming time a few days a week with the other Margaret but we haven't quite pulled that together. Eion, well, about all he is doing is monopolizing my computer. He chose no activities and I didn't feel the need to impose any. This year is shaping up to be difficult enough. 

Is it the right strategy? I have no idea. Less driving all over town is suiting me just fine though.

And Then There's Me

The major excitement in our lives is the pending bathroom remodel, slated to begin in a few weeks. Let the bleeding of money begin!

I continue to be plagued with back troubles. In spite of trips to the specialist and some x-rays, I remain largely undiagnosed, dependent on mega doses of physical therapy and in pain a lot. MRI coming this Friday so we'll see if that answers any questions.

Seeing as I am in pain either way, I refuse to stop playing tennis. This week marked the start of the ODTA season and my entry into singles tennis. In ODTA (doubles,) I'm off to a fine start having trounced our competition 6-2, 6-1 last week. Yippee! 

Singles had me nervous. As one who came to the game later in life, I learned tennis playing doubles. I had never played so much as one singles match. The pro at the Club was a bit taken aback when he asked at my lesson, "So what are we doing today?" and my answer was "I need to learn to play singles." First qualifying that one hour might not be quite enough for that tall order, he went on to go over some basic strategy. 

Either he's a really great teacher, I am a really awesome learner, or I've gotten lucky, but my first two matches, both this past week, were victories. [7-5, 6-3 and 7-6, 6-3] I didn't think I would enjoy singles but it has been much more enjoyable than anticipated. 

Throw all that in with back to school nights (three of them, count 'em,) swim team banquets, and baseball games, and we have been one busy household. But that is a good thing.

Double rainbows off the deck last night.

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