Friday, September 28, 2012

The Troll

After six weeks of middle school bliss, we have hit a snag. Morrigan last night told me she wanted me to drive her to school. This, of course, is not something I want to do. There is a perfectly acceptable school bus that stops a mere half mile from our house. The root source of the request? A girl I will refer to from here on out as The Troll.

Morrigan's stop is one of the last ones on the route. This is good because her time on the bus is limited. This is bad because there are few seats left from which to choose and apparently one of the only ones available is with The Troll.

The Troll has taken to telling Morrigan how ugly she is, how yellow her teeth are, how poorly she dresses and on and on. Poor Morrigan is in the back of the bus as no seats near the front are open and out of the earshot of the bus driver. Not that it matters much because of the cacophony of swear words all around her from the bus' gentlemen riders. [Which, incidentally, deeply offends the girl as well, but at least they are not directed at her.]

Being my offspring, her plan was to take on The Troll and fire back, both barrels blazing. Now, were this a girl from the neighborhood, from a family I know to be reasonable, I would be all for this course of action. But sadly, she is from outside the bubble. When I asked about The Troll's friends, Morrigan indicated she has a contingent of like-minded troublemakers on her side.

As much as it seems counter to any advice I ever give, I told her to back off. To respond to comments such as "you're ugly" with "Thanks!" or "I know." Morrigan is appalled at this course of action, seeing it as demeaning. Which it may be but it beats the hell out of pissing off a pack of mean girls with time on their hands and years with which to carry out a vendetta. What The Troll wants is an angry or hurt reaction. If you deny her that, she may move on.

Today was day one of Strategy Ignore. Will it work? Hope so - I'm not sure I have a good Plan B.

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