Monday, September 24, 2012

Vacation, Sort Of

One of the obligations of being a doctor is that you have to complete continuing education courses. On the plus side, these are generally [read: always] held in resort locations. So this past weekend while Tim enhanced his knowledge of pediatric emergencies, the kids and I tagged along!

The conference was on Kiawah island in South Carolina. So here is how it broke down....

The Good

The kids and I had a great time. We brought bikes and enjoyed the nice, flat, bike-friendly island. They were more than happy to miss a few days of school and enjoy the on site pool-slash-waterpark.

Not to mention, when we went back to our villa, it was sweet  - two bedrooms, complete with kitchen and larger than our first house!

The Bad

Tim was sick the entire time. By the time he was done with the educational sessions, he was just wiped and wasn't up for much adventuring. Now don't get me wrong, the kids were plenty happy hanging at the villa and enjoying the cable tv but it stunk for Tim that he felt so rotten.

The Birthday

Maggie turned nine while we were there. The first order of business was a bike ride on the beach. Ever the capitalist, she had turned down the birthday party for a cash payout ($175, not a bad deal - for either of us.) So we went to nearby Charleston on the big day. We went to lunch at a charming bistro where my children all proceeded to have chicken strips. [No matter - I had an awesome shrimp/fried green tomatoes/pimento cheese po boy.] Then we had a carriage tour of the city. 

Let's not forget ice cream!

Then the girls spent an inordinate amount of time at the "market" [read: overpriced tourist crap vendors.] But it was described by Mags as a great birthday. So it was.

Best news yet, everyone was caught up on the two missed days by close of business Monday. So it was a success, if a bit qualified for Tim.

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