Monday, October 15, 2012

Grandparents' Day

While we didn't have any grandparents here for the Big Day (read: chance to buy books from the book fair for your beloved grandchildren,) Eion was happy enough with me there. His teacher had them fill out and read to the class a worksheet about what they would be like as grandparents. Here's Eion's, typos included.

When I am a grandpa, I will have five grandkids.

They will call me "grandpa."

I will teach my grandkids how to read. [This was a very popular response. He may have chosen it to be expedient.]

I will live in a hous. [One child was planning to live in a pool. Granted, he planned to be a retired lifeguard.]

I will be retired from being a bilder. [Most of his compatriots were planning to be cops. Looks like we will have no shortage of law enforcement in our old age.]

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