Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stay the Course

Team McK has been busy in all the most unremarkable and uninteresting ways.

Eion, the medicated type, continues to rock the 1st grade. He will proudly tell you his (behavior ) clip has yet to move to the frown-y face since the introduction of vyvance. His only extra-curricular activities these days seem to be Minecraft related, but he is happy and aspires to grow up and be a real life miner. Or demolitions expert.

Tim and I have been attending tons of yoga classes. After nine months of intermittent pain, I've found that yoga seems capable of making that pain go away. I even had a day during which I did not take any Motrin (first time in I don't know how long.) Not to mention, I am feeling very, very zen.

The only real event of note was a lovely visit from my Dad. The kids happily conscripted him into as many dominoes games as he could tolerate and took him to the local Medieval Festival.

If you dressed up in period gear, you got in free.
You know my family of cheapskates were all over it.

Eion, of the un-medicated variety, was not at all happy about this adventure. But the day was saved when Opa bought him a sword and shield. We're glad E's price is cheap.

All is well again.

It's pretty boring, yet all together lovely here.

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