Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween (Parts I & II)

As I sat down to write this post, I was struck by how few pictures from which I had to choose. I think it is directly correlated to the speed with which the kids run as soon as we get to any Halloween party or trick or treating!

Stage one was the Club Halloween party. I continue to expect that the kids will out grow this event and they continue to prove me wrong. 

It was great. The adults congregated in the bar while the kids enjoyed the bounce house maze and (naturally) the candy. We knew times were changing when we looked up and noticed the lot of them had helped themselves to the buffet and sat down to dinner. Hooray self-reliance!

Last night, we had to vary our plans from years past. We have, since Maggie was a baby, gathered with a group of friends on White Oak and gone trick or treating there. BUT this year, Morrigan just had to go out with her pals on Stanley Ave., a busier neighborhood venue. 

Luckily, we had friends willing to let us have a home base there as well. It was more populous but not nearly the mad house I had heard. Not that the kids needed us anyway. They were like a precision candy-gathering machine.

All smiles with her buddies.

Eion refused to wear a coat and quickly lost all interest in going door to door.  It was a colder Halloween than it had been for years so I didn't complain a bit and took him to a friend's, where there was a full blown party in process.

After we regrouped, the kids happily traded their spoils and answered the door for the few stragglers. Morrigan reveled in being able to stay out later than her siblings. And Maggie declared it, "The best Halloween ever!"

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