Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's the Holidays. Let the Battles Commence.

Many years, I am well prepared for Christmas cards and general holiday dressing.  Last year, for example, I had our picture all wrapped up in October. I think I had the cards ordered and ready in advance of Thanksgiving.

This year is not going to be like that at all.

The realization that I had no Christmas outfits for the kids or photo session scheduled or cards ready became a stressor very quickly. A First World stressor but stressor all the same. And so began the Search for the Dresses.

In years past, I was able to do this without any creative input from the children. They were, hence, darling and coordinated. Let's revisit those days now....

Just makes the heart sing, doesn't it? But those days are gone and I am stuck with children, at least two of whom, have opinions and boy do they want to be heard.

So I set them loose on the internet, conceding that while they did not have to match, coordination was still a requirement. Maggie quickly came back with this, her one and only choice:

It has Christmas written all over it and is plenty appropriate. Sold!

And then there were Morrigan's choices.

Uh, yeah. I'm not sure if anyone clued you in to this, but you are eleven, not nineteen. No sale. Enter high drama, tears and arguments that all her friends get to dress like this. My response that this would not be the last time I refused to let others' inappropriate choices influence me was not well received. At all. 

After much searching, negotiation and battling, we settled on this.

To be honest, not something I would have picked out BUT age appropriate and coordinating with her sister. Two out of three ain't bad.

Eion, bless his heart, will wear whatever I want. I showed him these pants and asked if he was ok with them.

Those are embroidered dogs with reindeer antlers.

With only the most cursory of glances, he declared them "Great!" After a few minutes at Macys.com (which really has some great sales - all three rigs worked out to $111 total,) and we were set. Now on to the pictures. Happy holidays.


  1. I love little girl dresses! Appropriate dresses for an 11 year old certainly aren't easy to find.

    My mom, aunt, cousin, and I are coming to Roanoke the day after T'giving to shop small stores. We are starting at Black Dog. Do you have suggestions for small decorative type shops in Roanoke or Salem?

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh gosh - I am so not a shopper! I'm sure you've been to them, but the stores down on Market St. are great. I am an eater though so if you are downtown (and they are open) you have to go to Lucky restaurant on Kirk Ave. They are great! The bourbon smash they have is excellent.