Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Any Old Tuesday

Last night was E's Patriotic Performance. He was excited because he had a speaking part and according to him, "Only the smart kids get special parts." It remains to be seen if that is true but he did a fine job.

It was very clear his meds had worn off as he spent the entire show doing all the moves and singing but scowling at me the whole time. His music teacher asked me what was up with that. That, I said, is the Eion we get at home all the time. 

Eion's parent teacher conference was also yesterday. It has been a while since I went to one of these since I stopped scheduling them for the girls because, while it is super to hear your kid is smart and a delight to have in class, I have other things to do. Like blog. Eion's conferences through the years have always been more exciting, including the one last year that led to the Great Homeschool Experiment. 

Color me shocked when his teacher, who I love in a most desperate way, told me that E had been chosen for the talented and gifted pool. Now we know he is bright but the boy can do an excellent job of hiding it. Not to mention, after a few run ins with the TAG teacher last year, I was pretty sure he had burned his bridges. Apparently he redeemed himself when, after having missed the TAG day because we were at the beach, he volunteered to complete the math sheet that had been the assignment. He burned through it and was able to get more done than any of the other kids, without help. 

The TAG teacher gave him another shot and has since remarked that he is like a new boy. His teacher told me that she was completely sure we made the right choice in not only the medication but in holding him back. Whew. 

Morrigan had a choir concert at exactly the same time as E's show so I had to miss that. Tim said they were really good - hopefully I will see the next show. She tried out for All Districts Choir last weekend and made the team! [Is it a choir team? Anyway, she got a slot.] She is really excited. It felt good after hearing her practice to know it paid off for her. 

Oh yeah, and we voted.

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