Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mitt in Roanoke!

Ah the joys of being in a swing state. As Virginia's electoral votes are highly sought after, we have received visits from all the key players in the presidential election. The last time Mitt Romney came through, we weren't able to attend. But we could today! 

My favorite part was when Mitt said that Obama had people chanting "Four more years" but what we were counting down was "Five more days." 


  1. Great photo and opportunity! I too am in a swing state (Ohio), so both the Romney/Ryan campaign and the Obama/Biden campaign are in my state practically every other day, haha. I'm SO excited for Romney to be our next president! I have a great feeling about the election outcome.

    1. Looks like Mitt is all over Ohio tomorrow - see if you can see him too!

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