Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Semi Vegetarian

Maggie announced on Sunday night that she was becoming a vegetarian until Christmas. This from the girl who packs all manner of meat in her lunch - bacon, ribs, steak, and who comes from a family of committed carnivores. We had no idea from where this plan was coming, we only knew it was somewhat hilarious considering she finished her dinner of ribs before announcing her intentions.

The next morning, she packed up a lunch of salad, fruit and nuts. We warned her that being vegetarian would mean trying some new things, like fish or tofu, in order to have an adequate protein intake. No problem, she said. She was committed for the next month.

If she ate even one type of fish, I might have thought this would fly. I would be happy to cook more beings from the sea. [Which on a side note, I have never understood why fish are ok to kill but cows are not. Do those fish not feel I ask you?] But every type of seafood she has tried in the past, she has not liked. Seeing the long term unsustainability of her plan, I thought we might hurry along its demise.

While the rest of the family would be having pork tenderloin in black bean garlic sauce, a favorite, Maggie would be enjoying fried tofu. As we sat down to eat, she bravely cut herself a bite, a very wee one. She kept a pretty good poker face as she chewed and remarked, "Not bad." Then she devoured her broccoli, really, you have never seen a child, ever, attack a green vegetable with this vigor.

As the meal went on and her reluctance to have any further bites of tofu became apparent, I asked, "Are you sure you wouldn't like some pork-flavored tofu?" Sheepishly, she nodded yes and admitted she might rather be a semi-vegetarian, one who can eat pork, chicken and beef.

While her short lived fling with the dark side is now the stuff of family legend (we had steak flavored tofu last night,) I attempted to make her feel better by regaling my own doomed vegetarian days in the early 80's when I decided to become one in solidarity with Michael Jackson. I lasted just about as long as she did.

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