Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Last published on November 20th?!? The holiday really got away from me. We spent Thanksgiving with Ann & Hans and their families. It was with much hilarity that we found out both Ann's family and Hans' family each had some "crazy Republican friends" who spent many a holiday with them over the years. We were honored to be the CRFs 2012 and happily have stepped up to fill that void.

After dinner and football, we stopped by Casa Fraught for a nightcap. And everyone was thankful.

Eion brought home a school assignment went as follows:

I am most thankful for...
1) My Mom
2) My home
3) Drew
4) Andrew
5) Mrs. Witten

Now after a moment feeling a wee bit bad about the other family member who didn't make the cut, I realized how thankful the list made me. (Not just because I am on it.) Numbers 3 & 4 are both school friends and 5 is Eion's teacher. After all the anxiety associated with sending him back to school, holding him back etc., it was pretty nice to have three school related people make the cut.

On a side note, I have run out of free photo storage - AGAIN. I really don't want to migrate to a new blog every few years but I am exceedingly cheap as well. What is a blogger to do?


  1. I did the same a few years ago and instead of starting a new blog, I just paid the 5 bucks a year. It's been more than enough storage. :)

    1. You were smart. They have changed their pricing. You are grandfathered in with the old plan but the new ones are a minimum of $30 per year. I'm probably just going to suck it up!

  2. You know, that is a really fab list. And exactly as you noted: despite his deep disinclination to be held back, it was totally the right decision.

    You could try using downsizing tools for the photos. Sure, they look great, but those mb's add up quickly.

  3. ps, I am indeed thankful for my CRFs. Hilarious!!