Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Final Countdown

You know, I am really, really tired of the Presidential race. Not tired in that "I'm not going to vote" way, I mean, child please. But exhausted in the ways it has impacted my life and I don't even watch tv so I miss all those ads.

But I do get to enjoy radio ads and mailers constantly beating me with the WAR ON WOMEN. They are coming for your reproductive freedom! Quick ladies, we'll save you (and here are your free birth control pills.) Good Gaia, is that all you've got? You do realize that $4 and a trip to Target can take care of my "reproductive freedom," right?

I could also do without being called a racist. As Tim and I walked to our car with the rest of the attendees from the Romney rally Thursday, a protester, brandishing an Obama sign, yelled at us, "Why are you all white? Where are the black people? YOU ARE ALL RACISTS." [For the record, while the crowd was predominantly white, there were minorities there as well.] Sigh.

Then there are the kids. I constantly tell the kids not to talk politics. We discuss it at home but I tell them to leave it at the door. And for goodness sake, no name calling. If you do talk about it, issues only - there is simply no reason to lower yourself to personal insults.

But even the youngest ones can't avoid the political fray. Eion came home with a furrowed brow the other day. He was concerned, nay distressed, because Cecily, his sometime girlfriend but we'll cover that in another post, had told him that Romney was going to cut $700 billion from Medicare. No, I assured him, it is Obamacare that cuts $716 billion from Medicare. [I didn't go into the finer point that if they are telling the truth, they all will have to cut it because it is bankrupting the country.] In spite of my best efforts, he set off for school the next morning, determined to set Cecily straight. Ugh.

I brought it up to his teacher to make sure he wasn't being inappropriate but apparently, he and Cecily have all manner of deep discussions including religion and the existence of god. Good grief.

Maggie's class had a mock vote for President. I inquired how they knew about the candidates' views. She told me they had gone to Time Magazine for Kids online (thank goodness they were using an unbiased source snort.) Maggie certainly had the most even keeled approach to the whole thing. She was happy to vote a Republican ticket but had no interest in conversion of others. She told me, "I think most of them are voting for Obama but Stella and I didn't. Her Daddy is a doctor too and we knew the truth about Obamacare and taxes."

Then there is Morrigan who, much like her mother, has many very liberal friends. Pals who are vocal, even at this young age. According to Morrigan, [please note, I am aware that this might not be completely accurate] her friends have been bringing up politics at the lunchtable every day and are determined she see the error of her ways. She rejected my standard orders of "don't engage," insisting they would not leave her alone.

Her friends said Romney doesn't care about anyone, women in particular. He was going to make 14 year olds have babies.


So I told Morrigan they were probably referring to Romney's stance that abortion should only be used in cases of rape, incest, and endangerment of the mother's life. Then it got real.

Morrigan: What are rape and incest?
[Crap, crap, crap!]
Me: Well, rape is when someone is forced to get pregnant and incest is when a family member gets someone pregnant, like a Dad getting a daughter pregnant.
Me: Yeah, it is. That's why abortion is ok then.
Morrigan: What is abortion?
Me: Well, when someone is pregnant and the baby is very little, you can remove the baby.
Morrigan: And kill it?
Me: The baby is never born.
Morrigan: That is wrong. I can't believe that anyone would ever do that. EVER!
[Excellent. My daughter is to the right of even me.]

Needing desperately to get out of this conversation, I told her that it was silly to say either candidate didn't care about the American people. Of course they both do. [Which is kind of a lie as no politician really cares about us but I can't jade the child too much at age 11.] What we need to look at is the policies they plan to implement and vote for the person who aligns with where we want the country to go.

But she remained troubled by having no counter argument to the "Romney doesn't care" line. So I told her, you know what, let me tell you a story and you can see if you think one of the candidates doesn't care.

You see, I started out, there was this attack on our embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. We don't know all the facts yet, but it is looking like the Situation Room at the White House was able, via a drone, to watch the attack, for seven some hours, in real time. The Ambassador, Stevens, had, weeks prior, expressed concerns about Al Queda ramping up and planning an attack. His requests for additional security were denied. On the day of the attack, the embassy asked for help. Their request was denied. Nearby at a CIA annex, Tyrone Woods, requested to enter the embassy and try to save the 30+ people there. He was told to stand down, twice. He disobeyed orders. He and another Navy Seal made the decision, which, had they lived, would have subjected them to a court martial, to try to save the people under attack. They did save 30 of them. Woods, Stevens and two others, however, died. While Washington watched in real time and sent no help. The following morning, Obama left for a Las Vegas fundraiser. So Morrigan, if your friends think there is a candidate who doesn't care about Americans, tell them about that.

I looked up and she was quietly sobbing. "How could they do that? How could they not help those people?" I hugged her and told her I didn't know. Having not meant to unnerve her, I told her not to worry about it. Don't bother telling anyone about it. Just don't talk politics at all.

Now, we all know she didn't listen. She came home moping, saying that her friends said there was no way that was true and even if it were, sometimes people had to die.

Wow. I was under the impression that Conservatives were the heartless ones.

Like I said, I am really, really looking forward to this being over.


  1. Agreed. The left is constantly creating fake fears (like the so-called war on women) to scare people into voting for them. It's insulting and I cannot wait for PRESIDENT Romney.

    Also, I feel like this election has gone on for 20 years at this point... it's been so drawn out and LONG, haha.

    Sharing this short video clip from the Romney campaign - thought you might enjoy the message:

    1. I saw this on Facebook earlier today. Love it!

    2. The day has finally arrived!!! Let us pray for the desired outcome. I'm excited but very nervous.

    3. My entire family and a lot of my friends voted (and always votes) Republican. Needless to say, we're all very upset this morning. The only thing I'm celebrating is that Paul Ryan was reelected to Congress and that Republicans still hold a majority in the House.

      The problem is that our country is rapidly changing demographically and ideologically - we now resemble Western Europe. The Democrats of the JFK era are no more - JFK firmly believed, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Nowadays, liberals want the government to give them whatever they want without any work or respect for the country's values. I'm disgusted by my generation (I'm 24 years old).

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