Friday, November 16, 2012

Today Was a Roller Coaster for my Self Esteem

We were very, very out of food this morning so it was off to Sam's Club for a cart choc full o protein, veggies and some wine. As I was checking out, the cashier ran the wine over the scanner and it beeped, demanding to know if I was of age. Normally, what happens then is a cursory glance which determines that, yes, she is plenty old and they continue the check out process.

Today, on the other hand, the cashier looks at me and says, "Can I see your ID?" I naturally snort and tell him I would be happy to show it to him, adding that I am always and forever glad to be asked, an occurrence becoming ever more rare. He reads my driver's license and looks surprised, adding, "I was sure you were 25."

Oh you sweet, blind Sam's associate.

After bringing my bounty home, I was off to the Hole in the Wall Lunch Bunch, a group committed to dining in the obscure, the off the beaten path and the potentially hazardous establishments of our fair city. As I paid for my (awesome) chicken burrito, the cashier remarked, "When you came in, I did a double take. I was sure you were Hillary Clinton"

There really is nothing that crushes one's self esteem like aging 40 years in two hours.

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