Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well That Didn't Go As Planned

I think it will make me as Captain Obvious as Wolf Blitzer was last night calling Vermont for Obama to say I am disappointed. And I considered a lot of things about which to write, including nothing at all.

I'm not going to dissect the Republican loss, plenty of others have if you want to read that. What I will do is write about what I am hoping.

I would love for the President to move to the center and form a coalition that was serious about cutting spending and reducing the deficit. That he would reform our disastrous and punitive tax code. That he would work with both sides to fix Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Were Obama to make a serious attempt at those things, I think he would win (grudging perhaps) support from the right. [Please note: serious attempt does not mean just raise taxes on the "rich."]

These are issues I think everyone, across the political spectrum, can agree need to be addressed.

So which path is it? We have taxmageddon, sequestration, and the debt ceiling all coming up in January.  Neither side can win with the branches divided by staying far right or far left. Compromise or more gridlock?

For all you dispirited Conservatives out there, I'll leave you with a tweet I saw this morning.

Moe Lane (@moelane)
11/7/12 6:04 AM
Yeah, I should note that: last night? #firstworldproblem. Large swathes of the world, I'd be sweating about meeting a mass grave right now.


  1. Great perspective on it. I just read a quote from a political analyst, referring to this election's results with a television metaphor:

    "The Republicans are a 'Mad Men' party in a 'Modern Family' world."

    Here's to 2016 - I still believe in America and that we can get our country back on track soon. Let's hope that President Obama actually does what he says he is going to do - be more bipartisan and get things done.

    1. Stay positive and remember what I told my girls this morning - losing an election does not mean our IDEAS are wrong.

  2. Will you do a post on a centrist tax-reform proposal that you would get behind? Or shall we just talk about it Saturday at dinner? :)

    1. Let all the Bush tax cuts expire. But seriously, I can't speak for the whole party, though they should get on appointing me as their figurehead, but the tax-the-rich strategy won't get us to where we need to be fiscally as a country. Taking 100% of the income of millionaires and billionaires will only run the government for about three months. Class warfare might appeal to people but it won't solve the 16 trillion dollar problem we have.

    2. Agreed - and President Obama needs to stop blaming former President Bush for everything. He's been out of office for too long now! Responsibility and action are needed.