Saturday, December 8, 2012

And With That, We Have Moved Into the Post-Santa Years

So the other day, I realized how very silly it was for me to keep all the Christmas loot "hidden" in my closet. None of the kids are Santa believers anymore and they all know that is where the gear is tucked away. Hence, we had the following conversation.

Me: Since none of you believe in Santa anyway, can I just put the gifts under the tree so I don't have to do it Christmas Eve?
Maggie: Sure! That way we can look at them all and guess what is inside.
Me: Not to spoil it, but I did shop based on your lists. When did you all stop believing in Santa anyway.
Morrigan: It was that year [two years ago] when all the tags had the same writing.
Maggie: Oh, oh then the next year Mom tried to fool us with the printed labels from Santa.
[Much laughter at my expense here.]
Eion: I never believed.

The genie, it appears, is out of the bottle.

Tim and I were quite surprised, seeing as the fat man has been outed, that all the kids were very enthusiastic about the Club's Santa brunch. But they do love a buffet and I am all for using up our minimum.

As we entered the Club, it occurred to me that we were entering the Zone of Believers. The last thing I wanted was for my kids to be responsible for dashing the Christmas hopes and dreams of a generation. They promised to keep the truth to themselves.

They did (as far as I know) and a good time was had by all. Eion was the only one who would sit on Santa's lap. Though many of the adults agreed, the girls were starting to get a wee bit to big for it. Just looks a little creepy. 

The only child willing to sit on Santa's lap.

They stood in line asking "Do we have to take a picture with Santa?" I told them no but they said they would do it anyway "just to make me happy." 

Picture taken under duress.

Eion went missing. We found him in the bar.

After lunch, the kids scattered and we went out on the patio to enjoy the unseasonably nice day. What seems like only minutes later, it was time to go and we were the last people leaving. Success.

Ned and Eion with the awesome pants.

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