Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting Over (But Only in the Most Legal and No One is Getting Hurt Way)

As you may have surmised from my last post, I came to a decision regarding the photo hosting/paying for the blog. I was thisclose to just ponying up the $30 a year. It would have 25GBs of storage space which should take care of me for about the next fifty years. There was no joy in this decision but I didn't want to migrate to a new blog every few years and, sadly, Blogger turned out to be about the best deal out there. (Wordpress has a different price structure that, for me, would be a tiny bit cheaper but mix in the bother of moving and it wasn't worth it.)

Then I noticed a little line in the user agreement that stated any pictures 800x800 pixels or less were not included in the storage calculations. Ooh - we may be on to something here. I tested it out with the last post and the picture of my sometime vegetarian daughter and lo and behold, it worked! I think the quality is fine for online viewing and no costly upgrade required.

Problem solved, no one hurt and I am not out $30 a year.

And then there is Ebates. [I have to give full credit to Amy over at fraught for clueing me in to this one.] Here's how it works. You go to there site and create an account. Then anytime you are online shopping, go to ebates first and see if the retailer you are using participated. If they do, you click through from ebates' site, are redirected to the site at which you want to shop. Then, based on the agreement each site has, you get a percentage of your purchase back. IN CASH. It varies from 1-20% but whatever - it is money I wouldn't have had otherwise. [They send out checks a couple of times a year.]

Ebates also tends to have coupon codes handy for your shopping pleasure. I just started using this for my Christmas shopping and have already racked up $50, all on things I was going to buy anyway. Magic I tell you.

So click through here and give it a try.

In the interests of full disclosure, I do get a referral of like $5 if you sign up and use it. But honestly, I would have written about it anyway - I love getting over (when it is legal and no one gets hurt.) And I promise, you will thank me.

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