Monday, December 17, 2012

Government Gone Wild

Governmental over-reach is one of my very favorite topics and I can go on, ad nauseam, about it for longer than anyone really wants. (But if you're interested, just let me know!) This morning, I read an article online describing state action that was just too far and cried out for my reaction.

Cat fight pits government against Hemingway museum

Apparently, some busy body complained to the state of Florida regarding the care of the 50-60 cats who occupy the Hemingway House, a museum in Key West. I'm not really sure what they were on about. Having visited a few years back, those were some happy looking cats. They all were well fed and had their run of the property.

Ok, not everyone loved them.

Additionally, "Court documents note that the museum has always kept, fed, and provided weekly veterinary care for the Hemingway cats, and spayed or neutered most of them 'to prevent population beyond the historical norm of 50-60 cats.' "

So we have cats, (privately) well cared for, roaming free and in no danger. As far as we could tell, they also had all the rubbing they wanted from eager tourists.

We'd better get the state involved.

For the time being, the state of Florida has prevailed and the museum will be required cage the animals at night. That's right. Happy cats who pose no danger to Key West will now have to spend their nights locked up and countless hours (and dollars) will have to be spent tracking the felines down each night. Hemingway House will also have to be altered to provide "additional elevated resting surfaces." Not only will this change the physical nature of a historical landmark, creating even more expenses for the museum, but it is wholly unnecessary. Let me tell you, those cats had no trouble finding places to rest.

In these days of budget deficits, state and federal, maybe we should save the taxpayers some money and leave these sweet, six-toed cats (and their owners) alone.

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