Friday, December 21, 2012

Since It Does Not Appear the World Is Ending, I Guess I Will Blog

Ah today. The first day of Christmas break. The Winter Solstice. The Mayan apocalypse. Or for me, day number one billion and three of being trapped at home while contractors work on the bathroom. You'd forgotten that was even going on, didn't you? It has been an odyssey but that is for another day...

Not wanting my day to be completely wasted, I made some beef stew this morning. As with all food waste, I dumped the trimmed fat off into the woods behind the house. Then the birds came. I looked out the back window and saw several of these circling:

Turkey vultures. They were about the size of a medium to large dog. And with them came several hawks and a flock of crows. It appeared if the apocalypse was coming for us, it was flying in.

One hawk stayed around longer and was under siege by several of the crows. They would swoop down on him and peck him in the head.

It was like Wild Kingdom I'm telling you. 

So you can see how interesting our day has been.

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