Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Tacky Reigns Supreme

Ah the Sweater Party. The idea of dressing up in unflattering sweaters as a premise for a get together borders on the ridiculous BUT when you have a group of friends with the creativity and enthusiasm we do, it somehow totally works. Due to all sorts of scheduling issues, we ended up on a Wednesday but the tacky spirit was not dampened one bit. 

Co-hostesses. Ann has on a skirt made of sweaters. Genius I tell you!
Mine is just run of the mill unflattering.

The sisters Shumate were three-peat winners for some of the best outfits there. Each and every year I wonder how they will top themselves but they always manage to do just that, and in grand style.

We feted at my house this year and the girls were excited to help out. They both found sweaters themselves in my deep closet o' Christmas and distributed voting ballots and took pictures as guests arrived. They were a little tired today but had a blast being with all the big girls. Eion, much like his father, chose to hide.

Here are the highlights....

While not a sweater, I loved Kate's vintage dress, 
direct from her high school days. 

Margaret Ann was among the several "light up" attendees. 
Extra points because she had to plug in, and did so throughout the night.

Seeking refuge in the family room. The kitchen was deafening.

While she had the option of borrowing one of my sweaters, Lee went creative. 
I found at least four of those ornaments around the house this morning.

Love the multiple reindeer antlers. 
And that red skirt is an honest to goodness tree skirt.

Vintage to the extreme. They wore these, together, in 1992.

I had friend remark that her husband had assured her she looked tacky but clearly, this party was beyond the normal levels. We were so proud. As I am tiring of simply rotating my girth-enhancing finery, I have a plan for next year. I have to keep it under wraps and, just maybe, give those three-peaters a run for their money!

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