Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And This Past Week...

Went by entirely too fast. First off, we have braces for Morrigan.

Said braces were accompanied by complaints of pain, inability to eat and parental cruelty. $6,000 well spent.

After what has been a wonderfully mild winter, we finally had a big snow storm on Thursday. With the threat of snow looming, school was released two hours early. It is a good thing too. By the time Morrigan would have arrived home, there is no way I would have been out driving, even in a Suburban. (My years of snow driving being so far behind me that I don't even attempt it anymore.)

With sixish inches of snow falling over a few hours, the conditions were right for some night sledding!

I had checked everyone's snow gear that morning and made haste to Kmart for all that we lacked. We were ready for snowy fun.

When Tim arrived home, I wondered why, after I had shoveled the driveway twice, he was parking in the street. That would be the large fallen tree branch blocking the driveway.

Tyler was on hand to help move it.

By the next morning, all the snow had stopped and the streets were approaching clear. We also had no power.

In an unrelated move, we had booked a weekend at The Greenbrier. Our plans had originally been to leave directly after school. A rapidly cooling house and cancelled school moved our departure up a few hours.

Several other families from Roanoke were also there, making it a fun, big group getaway. The only down note for me was that the cold I had felt coming on all week decided Friday was the day to fully manifest itself. So you'll note there are no pictures of me and my red nose and chapped lips. That being said, it was way better to be there and sick as opposed to here, in the cold and powerless, and be sick.

The first order of business was swimming.

There hadn't been much pool time for us since summer so the whole family was happy to get wet. They probably would have swam all night but knew that 4pm was afternoon tea.

An event we didn't miss once and at which my children consumed an obscene number of cookies. I housed as much hot tea as I could hoping it would ease my cold.

Each night we would have cocktail hour in someone's room before heading out to dinner.

Why yes, all these boys will be at dinner!

There were looks of horror all around 
as they seated a table of ten children.

Ice skating was a favorite, especially with Maggie.

That's free hot chocolate with those $16 skates.

Eion also showed initial enthusiasm but faded soon thereafter, having had seconds of expensive fun. Eventually, he had a better time with some help from Dad.

After the kids went to bed, the casino called. I think there was almost universal loss of money - not our group's best effort at the tables. But the scene was fun and lively!

Tim, Morrigan, and I also went on the bunker tour. For thirty years, prior to 1992, the bunker beneath the hotel, designed to protect the members of the House and Senate in case of a nuclear attack, was a secret. After having been outed by a reporter, it was decommissioned and is available for tours. It was something I had wanted to do for years and it didn't disappoint.

No one really wanted to leave, but the power was back on and our long weekend was over. 

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