Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

So it got a little busy there at the end of 2012 - hence the absence here. The short of it is that my parents came for Christmas, Tim worked a pile of nights and then we lit off to Florida for a week long cruise! Seeing, however, as we are talking about me, there is a long of it as well, which is likely to be doled out over several posts as quickly as I can get them written since I am also attending to mountains of laundry and holiday aftermath.

Christmas was excellent with all children (and adults) happy. Tim had to work nights starting on the 25th but we were lucky enough to have him around on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Eion with his xbox shaped gift.

There was general excitement for all the gifts, including Eion when he opened a package containing a shirt and pants and excitedly exclaimed, "Clothes!" before quickly casting them aside and looking for more lego and video games. 

We (read: Tim) had the foresight to realize we should set up the xbox, which took way longer than anticipated, and Maggie's iPod touch in advance. It was a HUGE add to have both those items ready to roll upon opening. I was a bit worried that Morrigan would feel slighted as she hadn't asked for anything large but she was quite happy with all her clever t-shirts (someone needs to explain this moustache thing to me) and other treats.

Then there was no rest as I started to get ready for the cruise as soon as all the festivities were done. Tim worked Friday (the 28th) all night and we drove to his parents' house in Florida early the morning of the 29th. It was a long, long day but we got to spend the evening with Doug and Nancy and were ready to leave for the boat out of Tampa the following morning. 

But after a full day today of cleaning up Christmas decorations and unpacking, I'm about beat. The cruise will have to wait for tomorrow!

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  1. I don't get the moustache thing either. Glad you had nice Christmas!