Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Cliche, But It IS A Small World After All

After many, many moons of hard use, it came time to get rid of the kids' table and chairs. Two out of three had outgrown it and honestly, I really wanted the open space in my family room. So it was off to Craigslist to sell them.

I've had many successful sales transactions over the years and expected this one to follow the same pattern. I was disappointed that none of the early inquiries ever materialized into a sale but I was flabbergasted by the porn spam I received. This had never happened to me.

Over and over I got email that had something along the lines of "Hey, you seem interesting! Click through to my site and see my pictures!" or "I'm tired of just emailing - let's hook up!" It was bizarre. May table and chairs is code for something I don't know about in the online world.

So when I received an email that read "Very nice! You still have?" my guard went up. It was another weird spammer, I was sure. But I took a flyer and responded. Over the course of several odd interactions, asking me to hold it for a week or have his brother or father pick it up, we finally settled on a price and a date. 

All the weirdos and the strange tone of our interactions had left me a bit spooked. Needless to say, when the final meeting time was while I was home alone, I was planning on being armed for the interaction, just in case.

The guy's brother called and it went down like this:

Me: Let me give you my address. It is 1234 Main Street.
Him: You live on Main Street? We live on Main Street.
Me: Which house?
Him: 1236.
Me: What does it look like? (Our numbers don't really go all in a row so the number alone didn't mean a ton to me.)
Him: They grey one with the stone front.
Me: You mean the Santilli's?
Him: Yes, I'm Don Santilli.
Me: You live next door to me. Why don't you walk on over and we can carry it to your house.

Needless to say, I felt much safer after that.

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  1. I had a frightening craigslist experience buying a scooter from a potential murderer/rapist and have stayed away from it for 6 years. However, now I have a kitchen table and a similar kids table/chairs (pottery barn?) to sell. I may list them but there are so many crazies out there and I don't want anyone coming to my house when Rob is gone. Wish I had a nice neighbor to sell them to.