Friday, February 1, 2013

Middle School Mid Week

So if it is a gaggle of geese, a pod of dolphins and a murder of crows, what is is when you are in a large group of middle schoolers? Well for one thing, loud. In a moment of weakness, I volunteered to spend the day with Morrigan's choir as they went to several elementary schools to perform. Somehow, I envisioned driving in my own vehicle. This was not the case.

I arrived a few minutes early and was promptly told to print out a nametag. (I really hate those things at school.) My assertion that I would be off campus mattered not a whit. Then I was instructed to wait for the other chaperones. Other? You mean I have to be friendly to new people too?  But my day quickly brightened when I found out Hans was the person on whom I was waiting. Yeah! Not all strangers.

To my surprise, the day went quickly. We did get to ride in the big yellow school bus, something I had not done in years and really didn't miss, but otherwise, it was a great day. We travelled to three elementary schools for performances. The kids were really good (in my utterly biased opinion) and Morrigan and Mark (Hans' son) both had solos when at our home school, Crystal Spring.

I couldn't have been happier that the entire choir received a huge, warm reception at Crystal Spring. And I survived the multitude of middle schoolers nicely.

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  1. How nice! Two things I am thankful for: I never attended a Crystal Spring movie night and I have never gone on a bus field trip with middle schoolers. Good for you for braving it!