Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Bathroom, She Is Done

Ha! See, it has been so long, I am sure you forgot entirely that I was remodeling a bathroom. It was an odyssey. A five month long odyssey. But on the advice of council (read: Fiona,) I can't talk about why it took so long.

Well maybe a bit...NO NO, I won't write about it.

Anyway, enjoy the before and after and be glad it wasn't your house that was in shambles for almost a half year.

Before, behold the 70's glory!

Those wee floor tiles were a bitch to clean.

That is real faux gold and white marble!

And after...

The kids were psyched about the medicine cabinets. 
Every house I ever lived in had them but apparently, 
my kids had never seen such a thing.

Ah the tales this tile could tell if it could talk 
but it is restricted by the same legal binds I am.

The piece of whimsy for the room, courtesy of Anthropologie.

And naturally, a crazy lamp!

At long last, we're done. Once we get an electrician to get the bathroom fan to work. 


  1. Looks Marvelous,Darling. I love it!! Great Job!!

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE a nice bathroom! We need to remodel the children's bathroom after we deal with the heating issue. I think I'll stick with the contractor we used for our addition!

  3. @Kate, I hear that contractor is as detail-driven as I am!