Sunday, March 31, 2013

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Once upon a time, Easter was a holiday that involved much planning and effort. There were countless searches for just the right matching dresses and shoes for the girls. Then the coordinating gear for Eion. Monogrammed Easter baskets from Pottery Barn. We were darling. Witness the Easters of years gone by....

All blue and seersucker.

One of my all-time favorites.

But closely followed by the next year.

So matching, so photo worthy. But alas, those times are in the past now. With increasing blowback about my fashion choices, it is near impossible to find something I like that both girls will agree to wear. [Though if I had them on board, Eion wouldn't fight. He pretty much wears whatever I set out for him.]

Hence, I didn't bother and we found ourselves looking, well, like this.

Maggie was content to wear last year's gear but accessorized with black shoes, too small tights and a hand me down sweater a size too big. The morning of the egg hunt, I discovered that both of E's khakis, along with seemingly all his other pants, were in the wash, forcing a substitution of cordorys that trended Michael Jacksonesque. Morrigan chose a newer dress that somehow has become a mini-dress. The child is growing by the day. In spite of its length, she looked pretty cute, that is until she paired it with my 5 year old sweater. 

Looking good kids!

No egg hunt for you!

On the ride over to The Club, we floated the idea that Morrigan may have had her last hunt the prior year. Her protests were many until we pointed out that the children she babysits would be in her age group looking for eggs. With much remorse, she realized we were right.

Maggie, knowing her sister had partaken until she was 10 figured she had two good years left. The fact that she towered over the competition was not going to slow her down.

But the highlight of the day was Eion, who found the much coveted, and $10 containing, golden egg. 

This may be the pinnacle of his life thus far. He had the excitement of the find. Then the subsequent failed attempt of a younger boy to abscond with the egg. Not to mention regaling other children with his tale of glory, complete with a tour to the exact spot in which the egg was located.

As you can see on Maggie's face, she was less than impressed.

Eion was also the only child still willing to pose with the bunny. This was not so much a desire to partake in the photoshoot as a demonstration that he was definitely not too old for the whole affair.

And the diminished fashion sense seems not to have altered the kids' fun one bit. Though the impact on the pictures is far reaching.

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