Monday, March 4, 2013

It Was a Tough Week For Athletics

Morrigan didn't make the soccer team. When we heard that there were 26 girls trying out and only 18 would make the cut, we were, admittedly, not very hopeful. She is (very) new to the game and was competing against girls who have played for years. I was hoping that it would be something akin to my middle school experience where small turnouts meant that I was able to play volleyball, basketball and softball in spite of having no clearly identifiable skills in any of the sports. No such luck.

But she was not too disappointed and has expressed interest in playing more tennis.

And speaking of tennis, my future on the court is looking bleak. After about a year of rehabbing and yoga in efforts to get back to playing as soon as I could, I've had to come to the heartbreaking decision that I just have to stop playing for at least six months. Maybe forever.

I played Friday and was in non-stop pain for the next three days. It just doesn't make sense to have a hobby that routinely leaves you incapacitated. Who knows, maybe after enough rest, I can play again but first, I have to really rest.

So I had to tell my partner of three years that she had to find someone new and my team that I couldn't captain. It was depressing. In the overall scope of life, it isn't that big a deal but in the day to day of my life, tennis was where I saw many of my friends, where we made plans, and, most importantly, really fun. I'm not taking the disappointment as well as Morrigan did.

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