Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life in the (Very) Slow Lane

Since managing to tweak my back a week and a half ago, I've had some very painful days around here. Improving for sure but not a whole heck of a lot has been getting done. And let me tell you, LOTS OF THINGS need to get done. But more on that in a few days. But back pain be damned, this weekend was just too pretty and warm not to get out. Being wholly incapable of walking hills, Tim and I set out for the greenway to walk the flat earth.

And by walk, I mean stroll or something slower than stroll (think limp) as it was all I could manage. Packs of old women blew by us, talking heatedly about their cats. I was doing my level best, but we were moving at a crawl. It made me think how much age and experience can change your point of view. I remember so clearly a woman who would come to the gym, back in the early nineties, and walk, ever so slowly, on a treadmill every night during peak hours. She would irritate me. After all, why was she tying up a spot when there was a line jam packed full of people who were waiting to RUN. Now as  everyone, walkers and runners alike, pass me with ease, I think about that lady and realize that may have been all she could do.

Live and learn I suppose.

But it is not all bad. I had never moved slowly enough and with enough attention to my surroundings to notice this tree before.

It has these round seed pods that dangle from it as though the tree had decorated itself with ornaments.

I've passed these trees for fourteen years and never seen that. Pretty cool. And as an added bonus, I was moving so very slowly that I didn't have to stop in order to take an in-focus picture.

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