Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love and Power

In Eion's weekly folder, there were two assignments I loved. The first was "If I Were President."

As POTUS, Eion would...

I would spend my days - in bed. [It is that kind of go get 'em attitude that will get him elected.]

I would make the country better by - picking up trash. [At least it is an achievable agenda.]

The hardest part about being President would be - work. [See answer one.]

The best part of being President would be - going to a computer. [So Minecraft is high on his priorities list, possibly after picking up trash.]

The second assignment was "5 Senses of Love."

Love looks like hearts.
Love sounds like waterfalls.
Love tastes like candy.
Love smells like roses.
Love feels like wind.

These are so sweet. So sweet that I think they are probably all things he saw his tablemates write down. If they all related to Minecraft, I might think they were his. Something like...

Love looks like hearts. (Those are in Minecraft.)
Love sounds like lava falls.
Love tastes like chickens.
Love smells like diamond armor.
Love feels like lapis.


  1. Jack is a minecraft fiend too. rob gave him something called a "raspberry ice" which is some mini computer he hooks up to the tv to play and program minecraft. I tell you it makes my eyes glaze over, but it seems like a very worthwhile hobby.

  2. correction. it's called a "raspberry pie". some mini computer thing.