Sunday, March 10, 2013

Other Than That, It Was Great!

Sometime back in the fall, Morrigan tried out for the All Districts Choir. We had only a vague understanding of what it was limited to 1) it was an honor to make it 2) there would be some random after school days that would pop up to disrupt my afternoons and 3) in the distant future, there was a concert involved. Well the distant future turned out to be yesterday.

On Friday morning, Morrigan informed me that her only pair of dress shoes no longer fit and she needed them for the concert the following day. Tomorrow? Really? So I took a complete flyer and went to TJMaxx and bought her a pair of shoes while she was at school. Now I knew the likelihood of this plan working out at all was approaching zero, but couldn't pass on even the slight chance that I could avoid a multi-stop shopping trip with She Who Is Difficult To Please. In a stunning reversal of fortune, she deemed my purchase "fine" and that was good enough for all of us.

Early Saturday morning, we dropped her off at school from where she would take a bus to a high school in Vinton. We were to rejoin her at 5pm for the concert. We assumed they would practice during the day but it seemed like LOTS of time.

We arrived about a half hour early and good thing too! There was already a line, teeming with the public. Tim, in a moment of genius, had recommended we load up and have multiple phones, iPads etc so our crew was relatively entertained during the wait. Once we were seated, there was additional buffoonery as they tried to pack in all the parents. While we sat, the two men next to me, who were not there together, struck up a conversation:

Man 1: Where does your child go to school?
Man 2: Cave Spring.
Man 1: That's where I went! Class of 1979.
[At this point, Man 2 appears to be evaluating his educational choice for his children as Man 1 could easily be mistaken for homeless.]
Man 1: When I went there, we had the jocks and the losers. It was only two groups.
Man 2: [Laughs nervously, wonders how he can escape.]
Man 1: I sure wasn't no jock. They got away with everything! Theys got a whole different set of rules.

At this point, I seriously consider telling him I was a cheerleader but reject the idea seeing as it would force me to engage him in conversation, something I was quite desperate to avoid.

25 minutes late, the concert finally started. They had divided up the kids into two different groups, each of which performed 4 songs. They were really good (and not just because my kid was up there.) Seriously, my high school choir never sounded this together. We were proud of Miss Morrigan.

I found her after and asked how the day was. "Well," she started, "we were singing all day and we didn't have enough time to eat and our breaks were too short because you were gulping down as much water as you could because of all the singing and it was hot and I didn't like the director and she was doing crazy dances and you could have totally taped it and put it on youtube because she looked awful and we called her [redacted] and she corrected things that didn't matter and it was hot and crowded."

But did you have fun? Would you do it again?

"Oh yes," she said, "other than that, it was great!" Right.

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