Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reviews of Thirty Year Old Movies

Here under the Big Top, we love a good movie night. Everyone curled up under the blankets on the big ol' La-Z-Boy sofa, huge bowl of popcorn (homemade, none of that microwave stuff, with coconut oil and butter,) and a good family flick. From the 80's that is.

Can't say I love many recent movies. Listing some of my all time favorites, there aren't many from the 2000's and beyond. Fight Club? Heck yeah. Four Weddings and a Funeral? A rom-com even I liked. Six Degrees of Separation? The best of the Will Smith movies. Aliens? I wanted to BE Ripley (the bad ass part, without all the acid-for-blood aliens after me.) So in line with our rather retro taste in movies, our children are constantly subjected to movies that are all older than they are - with mixed results.

The Pink Panther made the girls laugh until they hurt.

But Eion, he just didn't get it. As Inspector Clouseau bumbled along, E angrily asked, "Why is he so stupid?!" 

Our batch from the library this round was all classics. First, we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Eion found it somewhat entertaining but not nearly so much so as Minecraft, leaving us early in the film. Maggie thought it was funny but mostly stayed around because her sister found it hysterical.

Morrigan has taken to quoting the movie at us randomly. There we are, enjoying our coffee, and she'll tell us to "go and boil your bottoms you empty headed animal food trough water" and every time she passes gas will inform us that she "farts in our general direction." 

But all the kids just loved that the enchanter was named Tim.

We'll give it a solid two children in favor.

Next up was Back to the Future

As anticipated, well received by all. It held up really well. I don't know how many of your old favorites you've gone back and watched recently, but our retro movie nights have provided some interesting perspective on what we loved back in the day. The Princess Bride? As good as ever. Edward Scissorhands? As we watched, Morrigan asked, "What was it you liked about this?" And to tell the truth, I wasn't sure. While it seemed edgy at the time, watching it now it is smug and condescending and kind of awful. Well honey, we found the sweet misfit at the freaky mansion and despite the fact that we knew he was goodhearted, we let the town drive him out. We faked his death and then never saw him again even though the snow lets us know he is languishing up there alone to this day. 

But anyway, back to the recent rentals. 

The last was Amadeus

I do love this movie. Maybe it was the way it made my tween self want to listen to opera. Or the way they portrayed Mozart's genius, spilling out whole symphonies that were already completed in his head, while I was struggling to read music at all. 

It held up.

As anticipated, Eion was not amused. I told him he had to watch 15 minutes and if he didn't like it then, he could vacate. At 15 minutes on the dot, he was out. The girls on the other hand, loved it. They reacted much as I had, once upon a time, telling me how they wanted to go see Don Giovanni and feeling the sadness of watching a flame that burned so bright that it couldn't last for long. It was a success overall. The liked it and want to listen to more classical music. And Maggie was especially happy that it wasn't sci-fi.

Not sure what's up next. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have been meaning to put Amadeus on my netflix queue, so this reminded me! My kids say their favorite movie we have watched together is 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I highly recommend that for family movie night if you haven't already seen it.