Sunday, March 31, 2013

Riding the Rails

It is Spring Break for our circus and for maximum buffoonery, we are taking the show on the road to New York City! There is a direct train route that boards about an hour from our house so we opted not to drive. Because really, the last thing we need in Manhattan is a suburban. So I'm coming to you live from the train via their somewhat crappy wifi.

We're renting a flat in Brooklyn and I should have updates on how we fare in the big city all week. 

To be honest, I was really hoping to have exciting news today. (Other than our travel plans, that is.) We've been talking to a real estate agent about a house down in the "flatlands" part of our neighborhood for about a month now. It had been on and off the market for the better part of a year and had recently been foreclosed upon. 

On paper, it looked great! It was two doors down from some very good friends. The street was packed with kids and people we know well. It was walking distance to the neighborhood grocery store, restaurant and post office. The area was flat enough for the kids to bike all over the place. This was going to work, we knew it. I had our house ready to be shown while we were gone.

But then we saw the house.

My hope was that in spite of being a foreclosure, it was going to be in relatively good condition. Really, this is SoRo people. But it was not the case. The roof needed to be replaced, yesterday. Windows were broken. And many that were not broken were in desperate need of replacement. Half finished renovations awaited repair. It quickly became clear that were would, even if we got a somewhat low price for the house, be embarking on massive renovations and updates and that was just what we could see on a walk through. It was just going to be too cumbersome and costly.

Sigh. It isn't going to happen. 

On the plus side, our house is looking quite spiffy. Spurred on by the prospect of possibly listing it, we used the past month to tackle projects we have long avoided and took many a car load of gear to the Goodwill. Not to mention, I have Tim willing to entertain the idea of moving, which was no small feat. And, our agent assures me, new houses go on the market all the time!

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