Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunshine Day

You know, I feel like I write all the time. Maybe it is that I am constantly coming up with potential posts, half write them in my head and then never quite get around to putting fingers to keyboard. That and we've been (relatively) busy.

On a positive note, after only three weeks of intensive yoga therapy, I am back in the land of the almost mostly pain free, leaving me available to help Tim paint the laundry room and put down a new acrylic tile floor, replacing the crappy acrylic tile floor. Pictures provided for the three people who have seen the "before" of said room. To everyone else, don't think I am insane, I'm well aware that it is pretty dank looking. That should give you an idea of how very unsavory it was previously.

Underwhelming eh?

It was also the St. Patrick's Day parade this past weekend. Now I am a fair weather watcher of the event - a drop of rain or any cold and I am out. Luckily for us, it was sunny and warm. Maggie was off to a birthday party so we dropped her at a not-so-parade-enthusiastic friend's house. We showed up promptly at 10am to find the streets unnervingly empty. As I apparently can't read the schedule of events, we were an hour early. So it was a side trip to Home Depot for the supplies for the above mentioned project.

But soon we were back and it was on!

With the weather so perfect, we couldn't help but take an afternoon trip down to the Greenway for a bike ride too.

To cap off a pretty darn good day, we saw an incoming storm during the ride and made it back to the car just as the rain began to fall and were home in time to see the rainbow off the deck!

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