Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Writer in E

Today was the much ballyhooed Author's Tea for the first grade. Having helped transcribe many of the very interesting (read: yeah, not so much) stories, I totally could have passed on the whole affair BUT as a homeroom Mom, my presence bearing cheese and crackers was needed. Not to mention, the E would have been very sad had I skipped.

I was in a scrub the house from top to bottom mood and had planned to clean like crazy but leave enough time to pick up the requisite cheese and crackers, get gas and make it to school early enough to be a respectable Mom. Great plan completely derailed by a fireplace cleaning injury which, while very superficial, was completely blood soaked. Seriously, it was a good 45 minutes to an hour of direct pressure to stop the bleeding and then strategic application of steri strips. So I rushed to Kmart for my snack contribution only to find they did not have cubed cheese. Back home again for a knife (and I never got gas - I really despise being at less than a quarter tank) and off to school where I was, indeed, late.

But in time for Eion who was cute. I guess this is how they keep these things going. All the other kids are like, whatever, but your own is darling. His story was dedicated to Cooper, naturally, and all about Minecraft, also naturally. Before he started reading his story, Dimensional Doorways, he very seriously told the audience that this was a true story and they could themselves go on Youtube and see the very video about which he has written. Cue the eyes glazing over.

Eion and Cooper. No way they are trouble.

One Mom (of girls) told me how E's illustrations were lovely but she really didn't get the story at all. Lucky her. She has girls that write about finding rainbows. I, on the other hand, get tales of inter dimensional portals, creepers and the nether. 

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