Monday, April 15, 2013

Back In The Water Again

I wish this were today. All manner of cold and wet today.

So after last week's swimming debacle, today was the first day back. It was all good.

Maggie was happily swimming away, but that was not unexpected. In spite of her failing goggles, she cheerfully did her laps, always looking left and right to make sure she was beating the other kids around her. I didn't have the heart to tell her they were several years younger. She's already done 50s of each of the strokes at practice successfully which, as far as this low expectation having Mom is concerned, is all we need!

On to Eion...

After my last swim related post, I ended up emailing the coach, who was mega pissed. She sent out an email to all the parents of kids there that day scathing enough that a few called me to apologize, even though they didn't think it was their child. (Not that such apologies were really necessary. As I told one Mom, I am quite sure E will be the tormentor before the week is out.) True to her word, the coach found out who the parties at fault were and justice was delivered. They were kids I recognized but didn't know really at all. In a very selfish way, I was glad it was not a Mom I was friends with (although she has always seemed nice) so we didn't have to deal with an awkward situation.

Looks like the great locker room bullying incident is behind us.

Not to mention, the E looked pretty good himself. We're not anticipating gold times or anything but he is legal in everything except butterfly and kept pace with the kids in his group. He came out smiling, which was the most important thing.

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  1. You handled this well. I would stay out of pool locker rooms just because they are filthy with athletes foot and the smell of urine. Add bullies into the picture and that's a big NO THANK YOU. Hope the training for summer goes well from here on out! I am happy I am finally free of summer swim team but I do wish my kids liked swimming!