Tuesday, April 9, 2013

But We Already Paid

After school, Maggie came bounding in asking if we could go to Literacy Night tonight at her school. This being the first I have heard of it, I asked what it entailed. "Well," she told me, " I may or may not have to read something and there is the book fair." 

Ah ha! It is clear to me now. A tie in to get people in the school spending money. But what the hell, she seemed so excited about it. Amy texted, having heard about this affair yesterday, asking if I could take Megan as well which suited us all fine.

Indeed they both did take part in a presentation and were lauded for their participation as the 4th grade was a little light on attendees. Then it was off to the book fair where they not only got books but both won a prize, one of the pencil variety, the other, and more beloved, of the chocolate variety. 

Loot. Woot woot!

Over the course of the evening it was revealed to me that there had been a reading incentive program/fundraiser, of which I had previously heard nothing, going on recently. The kids got sponsors who agreed to pay a certain amount per minute. Money goes to the field trip scholarship fund and the kids who read the most were eligible for prizes. When I asked about it, this is how it went down:

Me: Maggie, why didn't you take part in this?
Maggie: Well I thought that I read so much it would be too expensive. 
Me: You could have hit up the grandparents. 
Megan: You didn't have to collect money to be eligible for the prizes.
Me: You mean to tell me that you could have tracked your reading, that you were doing anyway, and potentially won a field trip scholarship!?
Maggie: Well we had already paid the $215. 
Me: No I paid the $215. You paid nothing.
Maggie: Oops.
Megan: My Mom gave me the same lecture.

From there they went on about how they tried initially to write down their minutes but they were simply reading too much and it was overwhelming. Not to mention, there were times that they didn't have a clock handy so f*ck it, they just quit. [Ok, neither of them swore really, it was just for dramatic effect.]

Something tells me the personal finance lessons just aren't sinking in.


  1. Well. I didn't understand that reading incentive program at all. I made jack guestimate and fill out the form. i assumed someone would deem it a lie even though I signed it. But still, I thought he could win a field for his class! No dice. He didn't really care either. Our personal finance lessons haven't sunk in, and he has always been more intrinsically motivated anyway. Or just obstinate.

  2. Late breaking news. Tell the girls that since Jack didn't say f*ck it and took his mama's advice, he ended up winning a Barnes & Noble gift card!