Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Times With Old Friends

Coming to you via the Amtrak wifi as we head home from our week in New York City! For our last day there, we were meeting up with one of my friends from high school in Paris, Raven. As with many of my ASP (American School of Paris) pals, after graduation we scattered all over and don't have a common hometown in which to bump into one another. Hence the 25 year gap (sheesh I an old) since the last time we saw each other. 

Raven and me. Just like old times, only with kids in tow.

We were meeting up at the Natural History Museum so Tim, the kids and I went a little early to spend some time in Central Park. The kids loved the huge boulders.

Better than a playground.

We met up in the lobby and set this force loose on the museum patrons.

Raven's daughter Marlena with Mags, E, and Morrigan.

Raven had procured us some comp passes so we were able to go to two extra exhibits. Sadly, the whales were sold out for the day but the IMAX planetarium show and butterfly exhibit were spectacular.

Maggie, who has been shunned by the winged creatures in the past, finally had a landing, much to her delight.

A little girl's day made.

The museum is huge so we couldn't cover it all but made sure to visit the gem section and the dinosaur bones. We attempted to stop the mad running about with little success but did have time for the adults to catch up, which was really more important.

Eion, looking at a display of gold, excitedly told some strangers, "It's butter, it's butter!" I jumped in to explain but the Mom, who had two boys of her own, said, "Don't worry, we speak Minecraft."

Look at the bones!

Marlena had a long day before meeting up with us and our kids had a long week rendering the lot of them quite wild. We got in as much history as we could before calling it a day and heading back to the park. We walked up Central Park West to meet up with Raven's husband, Jose, for dinner. Along the way I was able to ask all the questions I had accumulated throughout the week about New York that I really needed a native New Yorker to answer. We ate at Big Daddy's Restaurant which is Marlena's favorite. Highbrow it was not but it was perfect for the kids. Plus the milkshakes and tater tots were to die for.

And as it always is with good old friends, we were able to fall back in like the last time we saw each other was yesterday. As it should be.

Goodbye New York!

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