Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Was Beautiful So We Were Indoors

There was no writing last night. I, and the rest of the family, were beat. After five solid days of high intensity tourism, we opted for a quiet night in.

Friday, we went to the New York Auto Show. In spite of a lukewarm reception of the idea, the kids had fun. Or maybe it was the big pretzels.

Eion loved getting in and out of as many cars as we'd let him. Indeed we might still be there now if we had not curtailed his activities. 

I'm not sure how much the other attendees appreciated the addition of E to their experience. He didn't mind being in the backseat so he'd just climb on in, regardless of how many other people were already there. He definitely maximized.

Morrigan loved the area with all the pimped out cars, like this Bentley.

But none of the kids appreciated the loud music from the DJ in that exhibit hall. They all walked around, hands over their ears, asking to leave. Clearly, a future filled with clubbing is not for them.

After we were done, we went outside and saw it was a perfect day, the warmest one yet on our trip. We took a cab to Little Italy and lunched at Lombardi's. 

The girls liked the fact that the restaurant had a coal fired oven which the restaurant had grandfathered in, making it "forbidden pizza." They love it when they think someone is getting over on government rules. Not to mention, the pizza was pretty good too.

The guy at the table next to us had other patrons coming over to take pictures with him. After he left, we asked our waiter and he told us it was the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. Which meant absolutely nothing to me. But Tim knew he was a WWF wrestler from the 80's, explaining why his name meant nothing to me.

After lunch, in spite of the fact that no one felt they needed to eat ever again, we went to get cannolis, a promised NYC event.

Nothing like pastries to make kids smile.

With our box of sweets in hand, we headed to home base. No one wanted dinner and everyone wanted to stay in. We may not be cut out for city life!

This morning, we were all surprised that we were hungry again. E opted out but the rest of the family went down to a local farmer's market. It looked like a great place to shop for locals but unfortunately, we weren't doing much cooking on our last day. 

I loved that they had a guy with bins who would take people's food waste they had saved during the week, collect it, and compost it. We really don't throw food waste out at home and it had been odd for us to do it here. 

And now we're all resting, reading, and relaxing. We have plans to meet a friend of mine from high school, Raven, and her daughter at the Museum of Natural History later today and we're planning on dinner in the city. It looks like a way kid friendly place but it isn't pizza. I've had enough pizza this week to be tired of it. For me, that's saying something.

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