Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Have Some Fun

When I picked up the mail Saturday, there was a bill from Verizon Wireless. This is odd, considering our phones are all from AT&T. Sure enough, it was for two numbers we had never seen.

Hello identity theft.

The account is in Tim's name but I figured, no biggie, since he is at work, I can call and get this cleared up. After all, I've had, for about ten years, a Durable Power of Attorney. [This means I am authorized to act as Tim, in a very real, and legally binding sense.] I called up Verizon and emailed them a copy of the DPOA.

Then I waited. For over 24 hours.

It does indeed appear that they are going to do jack shit until Tim calls himself. (He's been working all weekend.) So while these numbers are in service, I think we need to mess with these thieves' lives.

The numbers of the stolen phones, that we can't shut down, are as follows:

(540) 200-7477
(540) 200-7480

Need to get out some frustration? Give them a call! [Though I would block your number first.] Want to try out your airhorn? They are your people! Get creative folks. Someone out there needs a nice bitch slap from karma.


  1. I received a blow horn in my swag bag from the blue ridge marathon. I will give jack permission to blow it into the phone upon calling these numbers. he will enjoy it.

  2. PS: we just tried it and there was no voice mail set up, so we failed