Thursday, April 4, 2013

New York, On the Relative Cheap

I have to start today reassuring readers that yesterday's lunch was a one time mistake. After that debacle, Tim and I went out last night for wonderful dinner. (The kids, by [welcome] choice, opted for bratwurst at home.) We walked to a place in Brooklyn called Ici. It had all the buzzwords: fresh, local, organic, hormone free - just the type of place you'd expect to find packed with hipsters. And it was! But it also had some wonderful food. On the way there, we must have passed a half dozen other fine looking establishments as well. Looks like there is no need to leave this borough for quality dinner.

Today, we set out to see the Intrepid museum. There was some anxiety going into our travels as the directions on the website called for not just a subway, which we have largely mastered, but a bus. 

We were exiting at the 42nd Street stop which has a half billion lines going through and any number of exits. But luck was one our side as we chose the one that deposited us right in from of our bus stop AND we successfully made it to the museum unscathed. Take that big city.

Better yet, it was free! We are members of our local science museum and they have a reciprocal arrangement with the Intrepid. $105 saved!

 We were able to go into a Cold War era sub, the Growler. I just love all the ancient looking technology and thinking about how, at the time, it was cutting edge. Hey enlisted guy, mark on that paper map where we located another sub. 

 The aircraft carrier/museum was very kid friendly with reproduction space capsules in which you could climb.

And Army med evac helicopters in which to play. 

Overall, lots of hands-on exhibits and access to many parts of the ship. An unmitigated success.

Then it was off to lunch. Refusing to let yesterday be my legacy, I found a pizza joint described as one the tourists would miss. Don Antonio was really good wood fired pizza and nary a steak-umm in sight. ($78 total.) 

From there we walked through Times Square, which held no interest for my kids. We were in complete agreement that it was loud, touristy to the extreme, crowded, and someplace from which we wanted to get away. A wonderful moment of family unity.

Next up, we walked to the New York Public Library.

To the utter dismay of my children, I wanted to take the (free) tour. There was much balking. But then to their delight, I found the tour as boring as they predicted it would be!

The guide was giving me a lot of information about what newspapers the stocked, how to use the microfilm (I'm not kidding,) and how they were funded. I wanted to know about the history, the famous benefactors and the rare texts within. Since she wasn't going to tell me about that, we bailed and saw the gorgeous rooms on our own. We also got to enjoy some genuine NYC indigents!

We chose Grand Central as our subway origination station for the ride home, getting in one more sight before we called it a day.

While dinner, which could double or triple the day's cost, hasn't happened yet, this family of five had all kinds of fun for $78 on New York City today!

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