Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running the Kids Into the Ground

We may have set the bar a bit high when it comes to activity today. There are some really worn out kids tonight. In our ongoing efforts to be cheap, we noted that the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens were free on Tuesdays. What we didn't note was that it had gotten a wee bit cold. I knew it was going to be in the mid 40s but it had been the same at home. So I packed like I was at home, not taking into account that we would be walking around here rather than briefly crossing a parking lot. Oops. And there weren't many things in bloom. Oops yet again. But what we did see was beautiful.

The Japanese gardens were especially nice and had points of interest even in the off season.

Maggie and Eion devised some elaborate running game (modeled after the video game Temple Run) and were all over the place. 


 After the cold, we warmed up in the greenhouses which, as an added bonus, contained blooming plants!

When we were done, we grabbed some lunch. It was only noon so it was too early to call it a day. Our original plan was to go to the Brooklyn Museum of Art (conveniently located right next to the gardens) but it is closed on Tuesday. I came up with the plan to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While it was in Manhattan, the train ride would give us a chance to rest and the kids would love it. Lots to see!

When we rolled up, the kids were already complaining their legs hurt. Bad sign.

But we soldiered on! We figured what the hell. The kids' entry was free and the adults' entry is pay what you wish. Personally, I was willing to endure the stink eye of the ticket salesperson as I gave her $5 to cover Tim and myself. Sorry lady, these kids may cause us to bail in 20 minutes. There is no way in hell I am making the $50 (suggested donation) gamble today. 

It was a mixed bag. Morrigan loved it. She, Tim and I could have stayed there for days. She loved the Egyptian exhibit, the Asian art and just about everything else. We really need to plan a museum based vacation with just her. Maggie and Eion, sadly, they found it boring.

Portrait of a Young Girl Skulking

We, on the whole, balanced the trip out, bribing Maggie and Eion with the promise of sodas so we could view a few more areas. Honestly, I could have spent days there. And E and Maggie did like some of the galleries. The weapons and armor were a hit with the whole family.

But by the time we were in the home stretch, I looked over at Maggie and she was silently crying because her legs hurt so much. After dinner everyone perked up but I think tomorrow will be a little more laid back. We have the Greenwood Cemetery Tour on deck and that may indeed be all we do.

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